Other Features

Presale Directory: We offer a simple yet powerful tool. We give the ability to our investors to search the projects by tier. This way, the investors can decide which token they would like to invest in and quickly see the financial risk involved in investing their money in that particular token.

Lockers: The locker utility allows the token creators to lock a part of their tokens and liquidity and enable vesting in various ways. Sphynx Swap creates a simple yet effective tool for token creators and provides extra security measures for investors.

Fair launch: With our Fairlaunch pad, we give developers access to enable the use of a Fair launch. This way, the investors all pay equal money to buy the token. There are no private or presales.

Fair launch Directory: Yet another yet simple tool that is essential for the safety of the investors, we have a directory where investors can see the projects launched through the Fairlaunch method.

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