Multiple swaps are included in the built-in swap capability of the Sphynx DeFi App. The Sphynx DeFi App allows you to trade tokens across Pancake, Uniswap, MMF, and many more to follow across the presently supported and future networks that will be introduced. Thus it is not solely dependent on the Sphynx Swap (Router).

"How to use the Swap"

You have the option to select different LP providers In this example we will use SPHYNX-LP to buy the SphynxLabs Token

Step 1: Select "BNB" on the top and "SPHYNX" on the bottom. Then click "Get a quote"

Step 2: All the recommended settings will be populated. But you can edit the slippage by clicking on "Edit" if you want to. Then click "Swap"

You have succesfully swapped the token.

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