Fiat to Crypto

Within the Sphynx App, users are able to purchase crypto assets using fiat currency. Currently, only certain regions are available due to regulations in certain countries or provinces. More regions will become available with time.

To buy using fiat, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Open the Sphynx Wallet App

  • Step 2: Click on the network you would like to buy on. For this example we will use BSC to buy BNB

  • Step 3: Click "Portfolio"

  • Step 4: Click "BNB"

  • Step 5: Click "Buy"

  • Step 6: Select the currency you're using and enter the amount you want to purchase

  • Step 7: Click "Buy"

  • Step 8: Agree to “I have read and agreed to Personal Data Processing and to Guardian Terms of Service, Policy Privacy”

  • Step 9: Put in your email address or phone number and click “Send Code”

  • Step 10: Go to your email or phone messages and copy the code to paste it in the "SMS Code" field

  • Step 11: Fill out the identification process

  • Step 12: Pay

Enjoy the smoothest crypto experience with Sphynx Labs!

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