The native tokens of APEX are OMNIA.

APEX is the first gasless Chain that is on Sphynx Labs. This means that users do not need the Native Omnia to pay gas fees on the Network.

You will also need the APEX20 version of any token you want to trade, stake etc. on APEX.

You can go a few ways about converting your tokens to APEX20, but here are the ones we recommend:

-Step 1: Enter -Step 2: Connect your wallet and select BSC Network -Step 3: Swap BNB to OMNIA. -Step 4: Go to the Bridge -Step 5: Select OMNIA as the currency to be bridged and then type the amount. -Step 6: Select OMNIA network. Then Click on Approve and Next. -Step 7: Click on Confirm and approve the transcation

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