Sphynx Labs

NFT Staking Pools

Sphynx Labs offers unique NFT staking options to other crypto projects in addition to the regular pools. Much like the regular staking and farming pools, you can enjoy the same amount of control over the parameters and full 24/7 support for you and your investors.
Sphynx can build two different types of NFT pools:
NFT Pools: These types of pools are standard staking pools for NFTs. Users can stake their NFTs and receive any reward you wish to fill the pool with, such as your project’s token. You can set a minimum amount of NFT staked to begin earning, or leave it at 1.
NFT + Token Pools: NFT + Token Pools are a hybrid pool consisting of staking both NFTs, and the project’s tokens. These pools are perfect for projects that include both tokens and NFTs and wish to encourage investors to stake both of their assets. The rewards can be in whatever token you wish. For example, the Sphynx NFT + Token pools are available on all chains we have NFTs on and the more NFT staked with Sphynx Tokens, the more our investors can earn in the native token of each chain.
Regardless of what option you pick, as stated above, you will retain the decision to set the length of their pools, APR/APY, lock period, emission rate, and minimum staked amounts. We take care of the development and maintenance.
If you are interested in any of the service Sphynx Labs offers, contact us below:
Telegram: Zed or Tyler E-mail: [email protected] Telegram Community: @sphynxlabs