OKX Chain

Sphynx has entered into a collaboration with the OKX Chain (OKC). OKX is one of the top centralized exchanges in the world, and the OKC is their foray into the world of decentralized finance. From their website: "OKC is the world's first trading chain — blockchain technology built for trading. It is the next step in the development of decentralized trading, where people can trade anything of value on-chain, and own and control the assets that they trade.

OKC provides safe and efficient infrastructure for creating decentralized applications for seamless on-chain trading of all kinds of assets within a cross-chain, value-exchange ecosystem." Sphynx has fully integrated OKC in the Sphynx Labs Ecosystem, allowing for all of the utilities Sphynx users enjoy on our other supported blockchains. In addition, Sphynx Labs is the preferred launchpad for the chain, and will receive mentions from the OKX team when speaking with projects wanting to launch on the OKC.

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