In the Sphynx Labs Ecosystem

Sphynx Labs Ecosystem Earning

The Sphynx Labs Ecosystem was built from the ground up to be a nexus where all users of the platform could earn income passively. The platform offers the ability to earn through various mechanisms:

Hyper Pools

Hyper Pools combine LP farming and staking of Sphynx assets to reward holders in chain Native Tokens and USDT simultaneously. The more Sphynx assets one holds (Tokens, Scion NFTs, Aegis NFTs) the more their initial LP investment is multiplied. Hyper Pools are meant to be sustainably fed through services rendered by Sphynx to other projects, bridge fees, swap fees, and token taxes. Since the pools do not emit $SPHYNX, the token itself is deflationary over time.

Other Projects

It should be noted as well that Sphynx offers the platform for other projects to create pools within the ecosystem as well, allowing for more income generation for other projects users may be interested in.


Sphynx Labs also takes a portion of trading fees to use strategically for buying back the token on the open market. This allows for the ability to bring the price back up if needed.

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