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Sphynx Labs Ecosystem Earning

The Sphynx Labs Ecosystem was built from the ground up to be a nexus where all users of the platform could earn income passively. The platform offers the ability to earn through various mechanisms:


50% of trading fees from users swapping tokens across all the chains go right back into the wallets of $SPHYNX holders proportional to the amount they hold.
50% of the fees of all of the bridge fees are given to holders of the Sphynx Genesis NFTs on the ETH chain. This amount is also split in proportion to how many NFTs someone holds of the total amount.

Farming Pools

Farming pools reward those providing liquidity pairs for the swap to function with $SPHYNX tokens on the chain you have provided liquidity.
For instance, providing a Sphynx/BNB pair on the BSC rewards you in $SPHYNX BSC.

Staking Pools

Staking pools are single token pools where users can choose to lock their tokens for different amounts of time to earn interest on their $SPHYNX tokens. This is a low risk generator of passive income that rewards investors for choosing to hold long term.

Other Projects

It should be noted as well that Sphynx offers the platform for other projects to create pools within the ecosystem as well, allowing for more income generation for other projects users may be interested in.


Sphynx Labs also takes a portion of trading fees to use strategically for buying back the token on the open market. This allows for the ability to bring the price back up if needed.