Liquidity lock for three months: One of the main advantages is having the 70% of the liquidity pool locked for a minimum of 3 months. This way, we avoid projects willing to list for a quick “rug pull”. This is one of the most important safety measures we applied for any token willing to list on the Sphynx Launchpad. We embrace new investors and provide one of the safest platforms to buy any presale token.

All projects that choose to use Sphynx Pad to conduct their presale, will be welcomed to have an AMA with the Sphynx Community.

Sphynx Community members are over 20,000+ members.

Sphynx Team will also advise on some strategies for presale and post-launch marketing.

This is an advisory session on good engagement call groups, influencers, and campaigns to keep the project community strong and engaged.

We do not come on board and take over the marketing strategy as such, but more connect your team with promoters that would usually be hard to reach.

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