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Sphynx Labs NFT Marketplace

In addition to our host of other utilities, Sphynx Labs now offers the Sphynx NFT Marketplace as well.

The Sphynx NFT Marketplace serves as a one stop shop for NFTs across all of our supported chains.

The current live chains are:

  • Loop Network

  • Apex Chain

  • Binance Smart Chain

  • Ethereum


  • Cronos

Chains to come:


Users of the platform can seamlessly switch between networks and view their collections, starting with the Scion Sphynx NFTs. Users will also be able to list their NFTs for sale and accept bids. If the option is available, users can buy and sell with Sphynx Tokens as well.

For developers and NFT project owners, the Sphynx NFT Marketplace serves an appealing place to list their NFTs where people on all chains can see what is in offer, with fair pricing and 24/7 support. Projects that are cross chain also have a unique platform to show the entire collection without having to go multiple places.

There is a simple button on the site for those wishing to list to apply for listing. The process will be stringent to avoid fakes and protect investors and projects alike. We will verify, get in contact, and list in a timely manner.

You can find the link to the Sphynx NFT Marketplace below and begin shopping, listing, and applying for approval

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