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Multi-Chain Bridge
For newcomers to DeFi and veterans alike, one of the most frustrating processes in crypto is moving assets from one chain to the other. Often, moving assets cross-chain requires frustrating workarounds with many extra steps. Many bridges that exist to solve this problem are usually quite complicated, slow, and sometimes flat out don’t work.
Multi-Chain Bridge available within the Sphynx DeFi App which allows users to Bridge across Multiple Networks with just a few steps.
Genesis NFT holders share 50% of the bridge fees.
Currently only available on android verion of the Sphynx DeFi App.

"How to use the Sphynx Multi-Chain Bridge"

Step 1: Open the Sphynx DeFi App, open "Networks" and select the network you want to operate. (In this example we will bridge BRISE Token from BSC to BRC)
Step 2: Tap on the main menu and select "Bridge"
Step 3: Select the token to bridge, enter the amount and select the network you would like to bridge to.
Step4: "Approve" the transaction and tap "Next"
Step 5: A popup will appear for you to confirm the amount and see the bridge fee. Click on "Confirm"
You have successfully bridged your assets.
Last modified 1mo ago
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