The Sphynx Scion NFTs are now available on BSC, BRISE, ETH, CRONOS, LOOP, and MATIC. These are not just any NFTs but ones that hold real utilities.

There are only 500 APEX Scions, 500 LOOP Scions, 1000 CRO Scions, 1000 BRC Scions, and 2083 BSC Scions. They have all been minted and can be purchased on the Sphynx Marketplace.

Τhe Utility

Holding a Sovereign Sphynx NFT grants you a seat in the Sovereign Sphynx Council.

Sphynx Scions (BSC,CRO,ETH.BRISE,MATIC,LOOP) holders are granted Tier 2 Whitelist Access to 5+ Project Launches on Sphynx Pad each month. Legendary and Pharaoh Scion Sphynxes will receive VIP Whitelist access to 15+ Project Launches each month.

Holding 2 Sphynx Scions (BSC,CRO,ETH,BRISE,MATIC,LOOP) grants you Tier2 Whitelist access to premium IDO's on the SphynxPad.

Holding a Scion NFT (BSC,CRO,ETH,BRISE,MATIC,LOOP) Gives you the opportunity to boost the Sphynx Hyper Pools. The Scion NFTs act as Level 3 of the Hyper Pools earning Native Tokens and multiply your LP investment in Level 1.

All Members of the Council get the following perks:

  • Commercial and Intellectual Property Rights to Art depicting their Sphynx

  • Exclusive Access to the Upcoming Sphynx Comic featuring SSC NFTs

    1. All holders will receive physical copies

  • Exclusive Access to the SSC Holders Community

    1. Access to Partnerships with other NFT projects

    2. Private Chats and AMAs with the Artist and Founders

    3. Private Chats and AMAs with experienced Crypto and NFT Investors

  • Exclusive Access to the Sphynx Shop to purchase:

    1. Sphynx Merch

    2. Physical collectibles of your Sphynx NFT(s)

  • Exclusive Access to the Upcoming Sphynx game

  • Future SSC NFT Drops

    1. SSC Holders will have Free Mint Access (just cover gas)

  • BONUS Access to Rewards from the Sphynx Ecosystem

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