How Do Hyper Pools Work?

How It Works

The Hyper Pools work on 4 distinct levels that unlock as you fill the other levels. The base of what you earn on is predicated on the amount of your investment in Level 1, LP Trading Pairs or Single Bridge LP Assets.

Each Hyper Pool is on the BSC. This means if you create LP Tokens on other chains and have Scion NFTs that correspond with the same chain the LP is created on, you will bridge them to the BSC.

Each asset in the pool serves as either the base or multiplier for the pool.

The Hyper Pools have four different levels to maximize your investment in Sphynx assets.

The Hyper Pools grow your earnings as you grow your Sphynx Assets


The Hyper Pools do not give out Sphynx Tokens, meaning there is no minting of tokens. This is a real yield of stables and USDT. If you are in the paired LP (BNB/SPHYNX, etc.), the APR will fluctuate based on price. You always earn on what you put in. It may look like you are earning less due to a change is price, but it is based on what you put in. Since it is a real yield, it adjusts to be in line with what you should be receiving based on your pool. If the APR drops, you are still earning on what you put in.

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