Blockchain NZ

Sphynx Labs X Blockchain NZ

Sphynx Labs is taking major steps toward being leaders in the crypto space by being members of BlockchainNZ. BlockchainNZ was founded in 2016 as a membership-based organisation dedicated to supporting and growing New Zealand’s blockchain and crypto communities. They were originally called The Blockchain Association of New Zealand (BANZ) but changed to BlockchainNZ in December 2018. Their goal is to assist New Zealand in becoming a worldwide centre for blockchain innovation. Members were elected in 2018 to join the Tech Alliance to fulfil their goals better. The new committee worked through the process of integrating BANZ into the NZ Tech Alliance ecosystem in the second half of 2018. BlockchainNZ is a group of companies and individuals working in the crypto industry, the global financial services, IT, and public sectors. BlockchainNZ’s goal is to spearhead a programme to enhance New Zealand and take advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology while also addressing the issues in crypto. They are an Establishment Committee and a working group of member representatives excited about helping to expand the ecosystem. BlockchainNZ is involved in the education, development, acceptance, and usage of internationally recognised, industry-leading distributed ledger technology knowledge and practices. They link their members’ voices to government and cross-industry stakeholders and ensure that their members adhere to the Best Practice Standards as they strive to expand their digital currency companies and the digital economy. The team of Sphynx Labs is ecstatic about the opportunity to represent BlockchainNZ and improve the blockchain ecosystem.

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