POL Benefits

We believe that transitioning Sphynx Labs from a liquidity renting model into POL model is the best possible move that we can do to guarantee the stability, price increase, higher liquidity, and low price slippage for the $SPHYNX tokens. That is why in the coming week, another Governance proposal will be put to vote for the community. A number of benefits for users and the protocol are summarized below.


  • Purchase SPHYNX at a discount by bonding SPHYNX-XXX LP, maximize their SPHYNX holdings or arbitrage the discount

  • Enjoy lower price slippage and the comfort of permanent on-chain liquidity

  • Enjoy price appreciation for SPHYNX—as POL grows, more SPHYNX is in liquidity and less SPHYNX is in circulation

  • Easily move from SPHYNX-XXX LP revenue sharing feature by bonding to SPHYNX & moving to single staking SPHYNX when Pools present a income opportunities

  • Use bonded SPHYNX they receive at a discount to pair with ETH and earn dividends from the revenue sharing feature

  • Grow their capital in other tokens using Vaults, while benefiting their SPHYNX investments


  • Obtain permanently growing on-chain liquidity for SPHYNX-XXX, leading to the possibility of capturing a large majority of the trading fees

  • Encourage price stability for the SPHYNX token while building investor confidence and trust

  • Possess a scalable model for growing protocol owned liquidity on other chains down the line

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