Project Incubation (Sphynx Labs Hub)

If you have an amazing crypto project idea with a way to market it, yet lack the developmental prowess, Sphynx Labs can get you up and running from start to finish with full project incubation.

If we feel you are a good project with potential that we would be proud to put our name on, we will create the contracts for your project, set up pools, have an AMA with you, and count you as a partner.

When we launch your project, you will receive a special “Powered by Sphynx Labs” badge on our launchpad that signifies we stand behind you fully. We will also connect you with outside partners we have relationships with to help advertise and grow your project.

The Sphynx Labs Hub is a project incubator where creators can bring their project from a concept into reality. Sphynx Labs Hub will assist in the creation by providing the following services:

  • Token Smart Contract (Certik Standard)

  • Initial Liquidity

  • Farming Pool

  • Staking Pool

  • Development of Utility (subject to approval)

  • Initial Project Exposure

  • AMA in Sphynx Labs & One Partner Lounge

  • Launchpad for Presale Raise

The requirements are:

They have to provide a KYC.

They must provide a full functioning website.

Have to prepare a marketing plan for the first 30 days post launch, prior to the token launching.

Liquidity will be on Sphynx Labs Decentralized Exchange.

If you are interested in any of the service Sphynx Labs offers, contact us below:

Telegram: Radam (@zoro2607) E-mail: Telegram Community: @sphynxlabs

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