Sphynx Labs

Sovereign Sphynx Council

The Sovereign Sphynx Council are 8,888 Generative Sphynxes with over 150 hand-drawn features battling for supremacy within the Web3 multi-verse. Through unity, ingenuity, and relentless resolve, they have set out to restore their realm to glory and unite the Great Chains.
The Genesis Sovereign Sphynxes are stored as ERC-721 tokens on Ethereum and are hosted on IPFS. Scion Sphynxes are stored as BEP-721 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain, ERC-721 tokens on the BRISE Network, CRC-721 on the Cronos Network, APEX on APEX Network and LRC-721 on LOOP Network and are hosted on IPFS. Yes, they are tamper-proof and last forever.
Follow and mint SSC NFTs through the dAPP or download the mobile application.

The Story

The Sphynxes have been in peaceful slumber for the last 8,888 millennia. When they entered their slumber, the Chain was at the height of its peace and prosperity – infinite wealth and leisure had permeated society following The Great Pharoah's discovery of Eternal Life within the Book of Life.
Now, the Sphynxes have ended their slumber by celebrating the awakening of the Bridge – the path between Chains. But, upon awakening, the Sphynxes have found their Chain in shambles – ravaged by Rug Doctors, bloodthirsty Bears, and heartless Devs.
The Sphynxes have set out to restore their Chain to affluence and glory and navigate the Bridge to bring peace and security to the other realms within the Web3 Multi-verse.

The Utility

Holding a Sovereign Sphynx NFT grants you a seat in the Sovereign Sphynx Council.
Genesis Sphynxes (ETH) receive rewards from yield generated by the Ether Bridge and are Whitelisted to mint Scion Sphynxes.
Scion Sphynxes (BSC, BRISE, CRO, APEX, LOOP) are granted VIP Whitelist Access to 5+ Project Launches on Sphynx Pad each month. Legendary and Pharoah Scion Sphynxes will receive VIP Whitelist access to 15+ Project Launches each month. On top of that, you can access Special Staking Pools.
All Members of the Council get the following perks:
  • Commercial and Intellectual Property Rights to Art depicting their Sphynx
  • Exclusive Access to the Upcoming Sphynx Comic featuring SSC NFTs
    1. 1.
      All holders will receive physical copies
  • Exclusive Access to the SSC Holders Community
    1. 1.
      Access to Partnerships with other NFT projects
    2. 2.
      Private Chats and AMAs with the Artist and Founders
    3. 3.
      Private Chats and AMAs with experienced Crypto and NFT Investors
  • Exclusive Access to the Sphynx Shop to purchase:
    1. 1.
      Sphynx Merch
    2. 2.
      Physical collectibles of your Sphynx NFT(s)
  • Exclusive Access to the Upcoming Sphynx game
  • Future SSC NFT Drops
    1. 1.
      SSC Holders will have Free Mint Access (just cover gas)
  • BONUS Access to Rewards from the Sphynx Ecosystem