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Sphynx Labs HUB
Do you have a great Crypto idea but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry because Sphynx Labs has you covered with the Sphynx Labs Hub.
The Sphynx Labs Hub is a project incubator where creators can bring their project from a concept into reality. Sphynx Labs Hub will assist in the creation by providing the following services:
  • Token Smart Contract (Certik Standard)
  • Initial Liquidity
  • Farming Pool
  • Staking Pool
  • Development of Utility (subject to approval)
  • Initial Project Exposure
  • AMA in Sphynx Labs & One Partner Lounge
  • Launchpad for Presale Raise

The requirements are:

They have to provide a KYC.
They must provide a full functioning website.
Have to prepare a marketing plan for the first 30 days post launch, prior to the token launching.
Liquidity will be on Sphynx Labs Decentralised Exchange.

How much does it cost?

1% Tax Fee will go to Sphynx Labs which will be used as buy back and burn for the Sphynx Labs Token. That means that if a project decides to do a 12% tax on buys and sells, 1% of that 12% will go to Sphynx Labs.
Projects must purchase a minimum of $2,500 worth of Sphynx Labs Token and send it to the Sphynx Labs Team. A unique feature to this is that for whatever amount of Sphynx Labs’ tokens a project buys, Sphynx Labs Hub will double the dollar value provided to the initial liquidity. So, for example, if a project purchases $2,500 of Sphynx Labs Tokens, Sphynx Labs will provide $5,000 towards the initial liquidity of the project.
There are many benefits to using the Sphynx Labs Hub, and Sphynx Labs prides itself on its openness and support for the project’s success. Teams can safely launch their tokens knowing that an established Crypto is behind and safeguarding them towards a successful launch.
Apply below to find out if you and your project are eligible.
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The requirements are:
How much does it cost?