Sphynx Labs

Pools Onboarding on Sphynx Labs

Sphynx Labs allows other projects to create pools on the Sphynx Labs dAPP.
Sphynx Labs is a full ecosystem which allows other projects to benefit from the utilities built within the system.
Other projects are able to create pools and have them added to the pools section of the dAPP.
Example of another project which has their staking pools on the Sphynx Labs pool section of the dAPP
If your project is interested in having their pools added to the Sphynx Labs dAPP, feel free to contact one of the following members over Telegram:
Project Manager: @Cryptodude6991
Supervisor: @inanimate23
Supervisor: @Th0m65
Supervisor: @logicgateoperator
Marketer: @Crypto_MVP