Sphynx Labs

APEX Chain

Sphynx Labs is live on Omniaverse's new blockchain Apex, and users can exchange, bridge, stake, and farm using the Sphynx Labs DEX.
Omniaverse is the first multiverse gateway in the industry, developed to provide artists with a platform from which they could design different fanciful or real-world constructions and profit from them. The metaverse industry, the newest powerful crypto platform, is where Omniaverse mostly concentrates on artists.
They are developing an interaction combining Web 3 with games, artwork, collectables, and more. The team of Omniaverse are certain that as large business continues to adopt blockchain technology, it will play a crucial part in the future of gaming and in how people engage with technology and the arts.
The Omniaverse platform makes it possible to create and incorporate NFTs into a variety of popular games and apps for the Meta Oculus that support.gib files. They are changing the space thanks to game-agnostic NFT. As users explore the Omniaverse, they can build, mint, stake, and sell digital goods such as skins, pets, and weaponry.
What Sphynx Labs offers to Apex is an all-in-one platform that simplifies the procedure for customers to invest in cryptocurrencies and increases the pool of users who are eligible to join Apex from other networks.
Users may now quickly and safely connect $OMNIA from BSC to Apex and vice versa. As soon as Apex has stable, users will be able to bridge BRISE, CRO, ETH, BSC, and LOOP to Apex.
Since the Sphynx Labs DEX offers exchanges with charts, a platform for farming and staking, a launchpad, and ultimately an NFT Marketplace, Apex users will benefit from adopting it.