Sphynx Labs

Loop Network

Sphynx Labs is extremely proud to announce another massive partnership with Loop Network. Loop Network is building a Super Scaling Blockchain Network, and Sphynx will be the only DEX on the Mainnet. Sphynx will provide a launchpad for projects, liquidity, swap, and all other Sphynx functionality that Sphynx provides to BRISE, CRO, and BSC. Utilizing the Sphynx Bridge, users of the Loop Network will also enjoy the ability to bring assets to the chain from all of the chains that Sphynx currently supports or will support in the future.

How will this benefit Sphynx Labs?

The whole goal of Sphynx is to be an All-in-One platform for crypto enthusiasts to trade, create, and enjoy. Implementing Loop on the Sphynx ecosystem will expand the usage for users to bridge and trade.
The LOOP Network will be supported on Sphynx to trade, stake, farm, launch projects, and much more. This means that more eyes and more traffic will be flowing through Sphynx.
Sphynx will be the first swap, launchpad, staking and farming platform on the LRC20 blockchain. Like how Trader Joe is now the main swap for Avalanche or Uniswap for Ethereum, Sphynx will be the main platform for users trading, launching, or earning on the LRC-20 blockchain.